Men have only two features that make them more attractive to women: self-confidence and persistence.

And if some of these qualities are inherent from birth, others may well develop them in themselves, guided by the basic principles. There are seven rules for attracting female attention that help a man get past his rivals. And if you are interested in Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Women and Tips, go to the site trust your boyfriend.

1. Make strong eye contact before greeting.

Non-verbal communication A type of communication without the use of words. Psychologists believe that in the process of communication, only about 15% of information is transmitted verbally (words). We receive about 30% of information with the help of intonation, the remaining 55% are allocated to gestures, facial expressions and other types of non-verbal communication.

Take a close look at the woman and see how she responds to your gaze. If she doesn’t look away, or better yet smiles, start a conversation. If she avoids your attention, you have little chance. In this case, start exploring the nearby area. Take a look around and you will notice women who do not mind contact with you. When a woman looks at the men around her, it is easier to get to know her than when she is resting surrounded by her friends. Always remember that a woman loves to communicate with non-verbal cues, so making lasting eye contact with her is almost half the battle.

2. Don’t show the same interest in her and her friends

Attention to all the women in the company at once is the key to a quick failure. To win over a woman, you must make her feel special, not like everyone else. Even if you like several women in the same company, you still need to choose the only one and focus only on her. Or you have to return home in splendid isolation.

3. Make her feel like she is the most temperamental woman on the planet

Often a woman comes into contact with a man just because he makes her feel something extraordinary. If in your presence she feels the most beautiful, you will definitely have a chance to see her again. This rule, by the way, works in many areas of relationships with women. Women are more comfortable to communicate with such men, they trust them more. But there is one exception to this rule: if a woman’s ego is already too pronounced, then you should not feed it even more.

4. Compliment her even when you are sure that she heard them from others

Don’t be afraid to get close at the beginning and the obvious compliments later on. Often men do not approach a beautiful woman, because they believe that all the words to her have already been said to her. It’s funny, but for most men, this thought runs along with you.

Know that women perceive the same words from different men in different ways, do not forget that non-verbal messages have a more powerful impact than any words. Act naturally and openly, and she will thank you for a pleasant and sincere conversation.

5. Avoid cliches when going to meet a woman

Do not resort to hackneyed phrases — they either put you in a deliberately stupid position, or make you look inexperienced in the eyes of the prospective partner. Don’t use clichés, just be sincere and try to tune in to your interlocutor.

6. No need to meet women in bars and nightclubs

In a bar or nightclub, a woman is focused on the «safe» attention of men. She may refuse you for various reasons, for example, if you approached her immediately after unpleasant tipsy personalities, or because she simply did not notice you in a line of men who wanted to talk to her. In such institutions, women are constantly in a state of protection, and this will work against you. If you meet a woman elsewhere, you can use similarities of interests to your advantage. Where she will not expect harassment, she will most likely be pleasantly surprised by the attention to her person.

7. Know how to leave on time

There is nothing worse than a clingy man. With her gestures, a woman will indicate to you not only the degree of her interest, but also at the time of your departure. For example, does she look you in the eye, or does her gaze wander around objects? If you have already «stood on your head» and used the entire arsenal of your seduction techniques, but she remains indifferent, stop trying. And if she’s still happy with your company, make sure you don’t miss out on your own time. By stopping the conversation on a high note, you will inflame her desire to meet again.

Follow the dating rules

Remember that even the most successful ladies’ men get rejected by women. The secret of their success is that they still do not stop their attempts to get closer to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Often the woman’s refusal has nothing to do with you personally — she may just have a bad mood or well-being. However, if you hold back