When women are asked what attracts them to men, they usually start talking about strength and how men should not be afraid of commitment. Come on, let’s say.

And in general, apart from these moral things, there is also physical attraction, which is not so confusing. And if you need to develop responsibility long and tediously, then to become more attractive to friends physically much faster and easier. Let’s figure it out how. And if you’re interested in be attractive to women, go to the website pittsburghbettertimes.com.

Get rid of the too lush vegetation on your body

Research in New Zealand and California, where women were shown pictures of men with different vegetation on their bodies, showed that friends prefer those dudes with less body hair. A man’s attractiveness is inversely proportional to his hairiness. To look more attractive on the night after an important date, think about removing hair: with a laser or hair removal — and do not think that it is only for girls.

How long will it take: 10 minutes (or more if you have more hair).

Look thoughtful — and you’re not in a serious relationship.

In one study, women were asked to rank men’s photographs from simply sexually attractive to those with whom they would start a serious relationship. Interestingly, the rating started with thoughtful and moody men and ended with smiling men. So if you’re looking for an easy adventure, look more serious.

How long will it take: a few minutes of sad thinking — and now you’re already thoughtful.

Get rid of the bad breath.

Actually, the best way to get to know someone is to talk to them. And if the conversation reveals that your interlocutor stinks of onions, you do not want to continue the conversation. Use a mouthwash or chewing gum after meals. Don’t be lazy, because your breathing is something that depends on whether you spend the night alone or in pleasant company.

How long will it take: 45 seconds.

Wear shoes with an inch heel.

Even if all your girlfriends say that they are primarily interested in personality, they still give preference to those who are taller than them. That doesn’t mean you have to be a professional basketball player to be successful with women. Just focus on girlfriends who are five centimeters below you. You can also make it easy for yourself by buying yourself an inch heel shoes. It’s kind of a small thing, but it’s nice.

How long will it take: five seconds (not counting the time it takes to buy shoes).

Stand up straight.

Women choose not only tall men, but also those who have good posture. The straight back has even several advantages: firstly, if you stand upright, you seem taller. Secondly, good posture gives you a more confident and dominant look. Plus, you’re starting to get more comfortable with communication.

How long will it take: a second.